About Us

TutorialSpan is the place where you can find the articles on web development, web design, blogging, social media marketing, search engine optimization etc.

Our Story

The story behind this blog is pretty cool. One day two best friend decided to make something that solves some problems of peoples who are facing problems on the internet related to web development, web design, blogging, search engine optimization etc. We decided to start something where people can identify solution of their problems and that’s when we decided to start “Tutorialspan”.

Story Behind the name “TutorialSpan”

“Tutorial” means the tuition or series of steps given by the individual or university to a small group of people. “Span” means the amount of space that something covers.  TutorialSpan as a whole represent series of steps to solve problems on every topic.

Meet the Team

The team behind the TutorialSpan is given below.


Jagdish Patil

Founder & CEO Jagdish Patil is a front-end developer, blogger, and SEO executive. He completed his Computer Engineering from L.D College of Engineering.


Vinit Milishia

Co-founder and CFO
Vinit Milishia is currently studying his M.tech in University of Windsor, Canada. He also completed his computer Engineering from L.D College of Engineering.