10 Best Apps for Instagram to gain more followers

Best Android apps for Instagram that helps you to gain more followers

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking websites nowadays. All the youths attracted to this photo sharing application. As of September 2017, this mobile photo sharing apps reached the 800 mainly monthly active users and numbers are growing day by day. As the number of users is increasing day by day, it is difficult to stand out different in this Instagram world. That’s why here I listed 10 best application that helps you to gain more followers and make your feed better. There are lots of best apps for Instagram on play store to make your Instagram feed better but here we listed most popular apps that all Instagrammer use.

Remember this “Instagram is not follow unfollow game”. Most of the users on Instagram are playing follow unfollow game, which means to gain more followers one will follow as many users as he/she then after gaining some of the followers he/she will unfollow them. Instagramming will not work that way. You have to provide the better quality of images to stand out in this world.

Instagram is all about Images. Better the images more the followers. Here we listed the best apps for Instagram that helps you to gain more followers on Instagram and makes your Instagram feed better.

  1. Hashtags

  2. Link: Install Hashtags

    Hashtags are the words that come after “#”. Hashtags in Instagram are used for branding and increase reach for your post. For example, if you have a brand account related to food then most of the people use #foodporn hashtag while uploading food photos on Instagram. If you also use this hashtag then your picture might be seen by lots of users.

    To create hashtags for the particular category of food, fashion, technology, travel there is an app called hashtags which allow you generate hashtags automatically. You just have to copy it and place it under your photos.

  3. Layout

  4. Link: Install Layout

    Instagram is all about how you represent your images. Instead of sharing 4 to 5 photos it Is feasible to make a collage of these photos and share one picture. When making Collage of pictures layout is one of the best apps. You can either choose photos from Make a use of Built-in Photobooth to directly snap from this app and make your
    Personalized Layouts.

  5. Snapseed

  6. Link: Install Snapseed

    When it comes to photo editing Snapseed from Google is one of the best app among all. This app allows 29 tools and filters including brush, healing, structure, HDR etc. This app is used by the most of the Instagram for photo editing. This app is allowing you to open JPG and RAW files, edit it with 29 tools and save it.

  7. Repost for Instagram

  8. Link: Install Repost for Instagram

    This application allows you to repost your favorite images and videos by giving credit to original Instagrammer. To use this app you just have to copy share URL of your favorite images and videos then the popup will come on your screen. Just click the popup and repost back to your Instagram feed. This feature helps you to share important images and videos with your followers.

  9. Boomrang

  10. Link: Install Boomerang

    This is the Instagram official app, it allows you to capture 10 photos at once and bring it together to make one video and then loops it forth and back. Boomerang creates a funny effect in form of video. This is one of the best apps for Instagram to download.

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  11. Buffer

  12. Link: Install Buffer

    What if you have 5 amazing photos to share if you share all of them one by one then your followers might get annoyed. Instead of that, you can schedule the photos at a specific time interval using this app. You don’t have to worry about the time and date. Buffer also shows the statistics like comments, engagement rate, followers, likes etc. The free plan offers you to connect up to 4 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts per profile.

  13. VSCO

  14. Link: Install VSCO

    This is another photo editing app which allows you to shoot and edit your images with our superior mobile presets, film-inspired presets and advanced camera controls. It also allows you to explore the new images from VSCO community and get the more idea about the images.

  15. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

  16. Link: Install Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

    When you are editing the images Adobe products are best. Adobe Lightroom allows you to edit the images using tons of options. Most of the professional photographers
    Uses Adobe Lightroom for editing images.

  17. Word Swag

  18. Link: Install Word Swag

    Want to share your customized quotes images on Instagram. Wordswag allows you create text layouts based on your need. If you use photoshop or any other tool then it will take one hour or more to create such images with background while using this app you can create quotes images within minutes.

  19. Hyperlapse

  20. Link: Install Hyperlapse

    If you are the big fan of time lapse video then this app is for you. Hyperlapse allows you to shoot amazing time lapses. It also allows you to quickly upload and enhance your existing videos.

    Let me know if you are using any other app to make your content on Instagram better in the comment section. Happy Instagramming ?

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