Which is the best CSS framework of 2018?

There are many CSS frameworks available in the market like Bootstrap, foundation, Bulma, uikit, Semantic UI, materialize CSS etc. The main purpose of the CSS framework is to provide mobile responsive web design at writing minimum level of classes.

There is one alternative to CSS frameworks is the CSS grids but the problem with the CSS grids is that their browser support and amount of CSS to write for mobile responsiveness. Some browser does not support the CSS grid that’s why we use a CSS framework. Also, when we use the CSS grid, we have to manually write the CSS for specific devices which takes lots of time in the development. While In the CSS frameworks they have already written the classes in the packages. You have to install that packages and directly start using them.

Now the big question? Which is the best CSS framework of 2018?

The award goes to Bootstrap. The reason behind this is listed here.

• Bootstrap is the most popular mobile first responsive framework. Almost 4% of sites on the entire web is built on the website. The reason behind this is the wide verity of components included in the bootstrap package. You can check the official documentation of bootstrap here.
• Another reason for the popularity of bootstrap is their community. Bootstrap has a large community than any CSS framework. You can check it on GitHub.
• Bootstrap is very easy to learn if you know the basics of HTML and CSS.
• Bootstrap is a very lightweight framework.
• The bootstrap grid system is very easy to learn and apply.

If you want to learn any CSS framework starts with Bootstrap. Happy Coding. 🙂

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