How to Download Movies using Torrents Within 10 Seconds


Download Movies using Torrents with simple steps

Yes, you read it right. Here we will tell you how to download movies using torrents within 10 seconds.

We are all Fans of Movies. Whether Hollywood or Bollywood – Movies are life. We love to watch them in theaters when they release at the box office. But what about movies which don’t release in your country.

Especially in India, we don’t get to see each and every Hollywood movie upon its release. And if they do release, they are censored enough to ruin the fun. This is more common with horror movies or movies with crass language.

So where will you watch those movies? The answer is using Torrents!. Here we will tell you simple steps to download movies using torrents.

What are Torrents?

Torrents are peer to peer file sharing system. This means that any thing which you download using torrents will be on some other user’s computer and not any web server in general. In fact, once you download something through torrent the other user will be able to get the film on his computer by downloading it from your computer.

This is called Leeching and Seeding. And Good torrent users seed as much as they leech. But you don’t have to worry about that.

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How to Download a Movie?

Go to Google and Search for your Favourite Movie. For Example, if you want to download the famous Hollywood horror movie – The Conjuring. You can simply search for

The Conjuring Torrent download

This will show you numerous results. Choose any site you want. And download the torrent file, it will be a small 5-10 KB file, which you will need to open a Torrent App called uTorrent which you can download from

Once you have open the file in uTorrent, your downloading will start and you can enjoy the horror movie you just downloaded. Make sure you don’t watch it alone 😀 😛

Things to keep in mind while using Torrents

  • Make sure your computer has an AntiVirus
  • Download Torrents which has more seeds > leeches
  • Avoid torrents if possible. If the movie has released in theaters go watch it the right way

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