How to check fake WhatsApp messages

Check fake WhatsApp messages before you forward

“The Internet is becoming dirty place day by day.” You receive lots of spam emails, fake WhatsApp forwards in the day. Here we talk about how to check fake WhatsApp messages.

What is fake/hoax message?

Fake/Hoax messages are the messages which are based on the false story. These messages have been transferred through social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp. These are also transferred through the text messages or emails. The purpose of creating a hoax message is to trick people to pass it on to other people. This will result in reaching messages to the mass audience.

For instance, the below message has been circulating several months ago.

“Hi! My name is Tim John and I am the owner of WhatsApp. WhatsApp is upgrading and would no longer be free. To qualify as a premium user, change your status to “Premium” and include the number of years you have had this account. Share to 10 of your contacts and your icon would change to blue.”

The funny part about the fake messages has been circulating for years. For example, I have received same fake WhatsApp message in 2014 and 2016. This is crazy right.

Here are some examples of how to check fake WhatsApp messages:

  1. fake links

first of check authenticity of the link given in the message. Of course, it is not genuine Amazon link. This type of promotion is always for self-promotion of the particular website.

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2. WhatsApp is freeIf you are using WhatsApp then you should know it’s free. Although when WhatsApp launched it shows the message that you have to pay a certain amount of rupee after one year of using it but this message is also not from WhatsApp team.

Here are the general tips for identifying the authenticity of WhatsApp messages.

  1. Use your common sense. When you receive any messages first identify information in the message. For example, nobody gives you Rs.10000 phone for 499.
  2. Check URL if it’s available in the message. Check the authenticity of URL. There are many fake URL used in these type of messages.
  3. When In doubt, Google it.

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