How to create backlinks from Instagram?

How can Instagram be used for getting backlinks to our site?

Instagram is becoming more popular nowadays. It has 700 million active users in the month of April 2017.  Create backlinks from the Instagram will require hard work and patience.


Image Source: statista

Now the question is how we get more backlinks from Instagram? Let’s start.

Instagram hate spamming means Instagram not allow the user to put more links except in the profile section of your account. It is the only place where you can put your link as shown below.

There are three ways you can build backlinks from Instagram:

  1. Creating more user engagement
  2. If you create more user engagement than more number of audience will check your profile and they will know about your blog/website.

  3. Pinterest
  4. Instagram images can easily be pinned on Pinterest.

  5. Help

If your friends have the good number of followers than you can ask for help so that they can put your blog link on their profile section.

Always focus on user engagement. If you have succeeded to get more user engagement then you can easily get more backlinks from Instagram. Happy Blogging 🙂

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