How to detect website platform?

Developers are often want to detect the website platform. There is two option from which you can check in which platform the website is built in?

Option 1 (By visiting the website): is the website where you have to enter the website URL of which you want to found is built in. Check Image below to know more.

Option 2 (By Installing Google addon): Google has provided the addon from which you can find the platform in which the website is built on. The name of that addon is wappalyzer. You can install it from here. After installing it you can check the number of technologies involved behind the website.

The recommended way is to install Google addon if you often want to know the platforms on which websites are built on?. If your use is minimal like 2 or 3 times than you can visit the website and find your answer. You don’t have to install a separate addon for it. Happy coding ­čÖé

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