How to increase Instagram engagement rate rapidly


increase Instagram engagement rate rapidly

Instagram became popular social media network nowadays. More and more users are coming to this popular social network. Instagram has overtaken the twitter in the number of users. Now there are many brands are available on Instagram with the high number of followers. The reason behind the huge number of followers is that they create more and more engagement. Here I will tell you to how to increase Instagram engagement.

  • Genuine Profile

Profile Information tells your customer to more about your brand. It displays the authenticity of your profile. The more accurate your profile, the more trust you build with your users.


as shown above I have provided all the necessary information about my Instagram account. So if someone visits my account they got to know about what this account is all about.

  • Reply to Comments

Replying to comments of individual users create more interaction with them. If you reply to each individual comment It will help you build the connections between users and brands. This is one of the best ways to increase Instagram engagement.


As shown in above image I have provided replies to the all the comments. This is the best way to interact with your audience.

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions to users will help you to create more engagement. Questions would be anything related to brand, quiz or guess the movie name from the picture. Users love to give answers if they know it.    ncrease-instagram-engagement-rapidly-TutorialSpan7In above image, I have prepared the image like there is always two type of people in this( Tabs and Spaces). If you look at caption you can check that I ask a question that “Which one are you?”. This type of images creates high amount engagement.

  • Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are the best way from which users can search the particular brand. Hashtags are the best way to reach to your target audience.


Things you should take care while choosing hashtags.

  1. A consistency of using hashtags. You have to use same hash tags every time when you upload photos.
  2. Don’t use outdated hashtags like #like4like #follow4follow #pictureoftheday etc.
  3. Use hashtags according to your brand.

If you see above image you can check that I use the hashtags related to the programming and the web. This is because my account is related to that.

  • Don’t Use bots

Many people are using bots for increasing followers and engagement. Instagram is smarter than you, if they identify some illegal activity in your account they permanently banned your account. Once you are banned then you cannot restore your account. So always follows ethical ways to increase followers and engagement.

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  • Scheduling of Post

The time when you upload the photo plays an important role in increasing engagement. To find out the best time to upload the post you have to use trial and error method. “Trial and Error” Method means you have to try different time duration to upload your post. The best time for uploading your post is the time when you get more engagement.

  • Call to Action

Instagram provides email and phone number option in your profile. Provide the genuine email id and phone number so that users can connect with you instantly.


As shown in above image I have provided my email id. This is because if you use want to connect with me personally then he/can send the email directly to brand.

  • Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the best way to connect with your users. Try to upload more and more stories so that user can connect with your brand. This is also the best way to increase Instagram engagement.


  • Reply Instagram Messages

Most of the users Instagram DM’s to connect with the brand. Try to reply every message of users. In that way, you can build the trust between user and brand.

  • Instagram Advertising

Instagram provides you to promote your brands on Instagram by paying some money based on engagement. You can reach the mass audience by using Instagram advertising. Try Instagram Advertising at least once.


At the end, your content matters. Always remember “Content is King”. If you are not creating creative content then you won’t be able to create more engagement.

If you have any quetions do let me know in comment section. 🙂


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