Problem with the front end developers in India?

I have worked as a front-end developer for the 2.5 years and I have seen one common Problem with the front end developers in India. If you google the skills that front-end developer should have it will list the following:

• JavaScript/jQuery
• CSS and JavaScript Frameworks
• CSS Pre-processing
• Version Control/Git
• Responsive Design
• Testing/Debugging

So as a front-end developer you should have at least these skills. I am not talking about one or two articles. You can check any articles on the internet.

Problem: Now the Problem with the front end developers in India is that the Indian IT corporates separated the position “front end developer” in two parts.

1. Angular/React Developers (any JavaScript framework)
2. UI developers

I have seen that when the position for the “Front end developer” is listed they will ask to have every skill that is listed above. But when you joined the organization, they only give you the work-related service integration using the JavaScript framework they have mentioned at the time of interview. I am not saying that all the organization is doing this but some of them are doing.

There is nothing wrong with this. But the problem happens when you do only one type of work in that organization for the period of time and when you joined the new organization, they will demand you all the skills.

For example, you have worked only on the JavaScript framework for one year. And when you join the new organization, they will demand that you also have to work in HTML and CSS part. Then what? That’s why they say “The more you learn, the more you earn” – Stephen King

You should never depend on only one skill because that organization needs it. You have to gain more and more skills as your career grows. Happy coding 🙂

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