SASS vs SCSS. Which one should you use ?

In this article, I am not telling you what is SASS, LESS, and SCSS. Just google it and understand the concepts. SASS vs SCSS is the biggest comparison when to choose CSS pre-processor for your project.

The usage of CSS pre-processors is increasing day by day. As the usage of it increasing day by day the most of the developers got confused about which they have to use?

Sass is the CSS pre-processor with syntax advancements. Some people called with CSS with Superpowers. SASS is divided into two parts

  • SASS
  • It is an older way to write CSS also known as the indented syntax. The syntax of this type does not have bracket or semicolons.

  • SCSS
  • SCSS is known as the Sassy CSS. The syntax of this type does include brackets and semicolons. This means we are writing normal CSS with SASS rules.


The main difference between SASS and SCSS is SYNTAX and READABILITY. Yes, you read it right the SYNTAX and READBILTY. SASS AND SCSS is almost the same thing. SASS is not using any semicolons and curly braces in his syntax while SCSS is exactly different. Here is the small example I have done on

  • SASS
  • SCSS

As you can compare the two images all things look the same except the brackets and semicolons.

Which one should you use?

Now the question is which one should you use in your project. Right? So, it depends on you. If you are comfortable in writing the CSS without brackets and semicolons them you should write the SASS and if you are not then you should use SCSS.

I prefer SCSS over SASS because I have been writing the CSS for around 2 years and I have the practice of writing the CSS with semicolons and brackets. So, I choose SCSS over SASS.

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